Maintenance & Handling


Like every fine quality acrylic glass request a delicate and approbate cleaning to keep the surface shining, sharp and smooth. Use a clean damp cloth or chamois rinse with clean water giving a very soft pressure. Please apply actuated attention to absolutely don’t use dry cloths over the acrylic-glass as this may cause scratches and electric charges on the surface that attract dust. Don’t use cleaning products over your pictures like windows cleaning sprays, solvents, gasoline, acetone, lacquer thinner or other product that can permanently damage the image, the acrylic-glass or the back aluminium surface.

Lightning your Images

To better appreciate the colors and different tones of the image is important to give the right amount of light and the proper degree to the bulbs. My personal advice is to use dimmable MR16 LED or halogen bulbs to graduate the amount of light.

Climate Conditions

To keep the artwork in optimal quality conditions it is important to maintain a climatized environment, don’t expose at direct sun rays or to temperatures over 26C (celsius) = 79F (fahrenheit) or under 1C (celsius) = 34F (fahrenheit). Also ambients with more than 59% of humidity can affect the properties of the materials making changes on colors or create even spots between the print and the acrylic-glass. If you are going to storage your print it is very important to find an ambient that doesn’t over cross these humidity limits.

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